My Life and Training

I started my martial art journey as a child growing up in the 1980’s watching Bruce Lee movies, and other martial arts movie stars at the time. I joined the local Karate school and started training. The Karate consumed me and all I wanted to do was train, luckily, I had a friend that had joined the Karate school as well and he was as keen as I was. Soon we were meeting up at weekends and weeknights to train. We were obsessed with it, we would research different martial arts moves through books, and from the movies we were watching. We started to compete in national competitions and we both did very well. Until one day, the Karate school closed down and my martial arts training secede for a number of years. Then something happened that changed my life and changed what I perceived as martial arts. I was a young man by this stage and another friend of mine called John had without announcing it to anyone been training at the Wing Chun school in the city.

My friend John is a placid type of person and has never been in a fight. One evening we were hanging out as usual and he just unexpectedly asked me to attack him. I said, “Are you sure?” thinking of myself as the big and tough one. He replied, “Go for it.” I launched a punch towards him but as soon as I did I found myself flying through the air right over the couch, I landed on my back 1O feet away from John. I said, “What was that?” John calmly replied “that was Wing Chun.”

Ever since that experience I systematically sought out Wing Chun and started training in it firstly in 1998 in New Zealand when I was traveling and then back in the U.K. Then one day I was reading Combat Magazine and came across a tiny add in black and white stating Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu Full Time with Master Jim Fung in Australia. Within weeks my bags were packed and I enrolled in the full time course on the Gold Coast Australia and I’ve been training Wing Chun ever since. 


Sifu Steven Langley

Principal Instructor

I have been learning and teaching Wing Chun for 20 years now.  I am a qualified teacher and Rock and Water Specialist which is a socioemotional anti bullying system. The method of Wing Chun that I teach was taught to me by Master Jim Fung and to him by Grand Master Chu Shong Tin. This internal method of Wing Chun uses correct alignment of the skeletal structure along with relaxation and correct biomechanics to deal with large amounts of force and to generate powerful force from a short distance.

Steven Bell

Main Instructor Kinetix Kung Fu Logan Branch

I started doing Karate when I was eight years of age, by the age of fourteen I entered an international tournament where I came second place. I continued on with this form of training for just over fourteen years. I also tried kickboxing and MMA for a few years. Then one day at a mates BBQ I came across a student that had been learning Wing Chun from Sifu Steve.  I had a friendly spar with him, he had only been training in Wing Chun for a couple years but I couldn't get near him. The harder I went the easier it was for him to defend and attack me. Two weeks after that I went for a lesson with his Sifu, Sifu Steve, and the rest is history all three of my kids trained under Sifu Steve as well. I have now been training for just over ten years and instructing for nearly four years. I find teaching Wing Chun really enjoyable and it also helps keep up my skills.

Helen Langley

Instructor in Training

I started Wing Chun in 2003 but had been exposed to it before that with Steven's training. After a couple of years my training stopped when I was 15 weeks pregnant with Tara. My training had a large gap while our children Tara and George  were growing up. 

I now help in the children's classes training to become an instructor and attend the adult classes.

I work as an Intensive care Nurse, so Wing Chun Kung fu is a fun way to relax and destress.

Tara Langley

Instructor in Training

 I have been learning Wing Chun for 3 years now. I enjoy teaching it because I get to pass on the skills that I have learnt to others. Wing Chun is fun to learn and you get to meet new friends.

William Hastie

Instructor in Training

 I have been learning Wing Chun for three years now and find it extremely interesting. I love the fact you don’t have to be big and strong for it to be effective. Teaching Wing Chun also improves my skills.

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